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Real Internet Business Tips

Here’s How To Make Quick Cash

Without a doubt the formula for cash online is to build your list and sell your products. Think about it. Two things that all successful people do is that they have a list and they sell big ticket products ($997 and up).

Then they take their whole sales system and make it better through tweeking the process for increased success. That’s a birds eye view. Let’s jump into some step by step.

Choose A Niche – Here’s Top Niches To Go After

The first step is to determine what market you will go into. Here is some info on the top markets. Choose a billion dollar niche to take advantage of these real internet business tips.

But make sure to do your Internet Niche Marketing Research first!
Travel – This is a great niche because there are always going to be people vacationing while enjoying making money online.
Weight loss– This is a great niche because there are always going to be people actively searching for fitness and weight loss ideas.
Network Marketing (not joining a MLM – Selling info to network marketers)- Network marketers are conditioned to constantly improve themselves. They are natural consumers.
Wealth Building– Everyone wants to know how to build more wealth. Can you teach others how to think like a millionaire?
Internet Marketing– This niche is where you will see many people selling a lot of things to other people who want to make money online. Which will you be? The person who marketer or the marketed to?

After you choose niche you want to focus on the next, yet extremely important step – List Building…

First Things First – Build Your List

Always put a major focus on list building. The first step is to set up a squeeze page.

Don’t forget – once you have a list you can grow it exponentially. Just Build Your List With Adswaps.

After you are building your list you want to start making some money. You can do traditional affiliate marketing or you can increase your profits by selling your own products. Why is that one of the best real internet business tips? It’s The Real Way To Make Money Online!

How To Get Ideas For Products

The easiest way to get ideas for products is to simply model yourself after what others are doing. The truth is if someone else is selling it there is a market for it!

On the other hand if no one is attacking a certain market it is typically because there is no profitable market. But wouldn’t it be a good idea to hold on to good ideas you find for future promotions? That’s why it is…

A great idea – create a swipe file.

When you find a sales page or website promotion that you find appealing use the “Save As” feature in your browser to save it to your computer. You can create a folder and save all of your web pages there. This will give you a quick reference stock of great copy and ideas. This also helps for when you are looking at Increasing Your Sales Conversion Rate because you can model after what others do.

Save interesting email promotions in your email client.

Many web based email clients allow you to create a folder and save emails to it. I suggest you start doing this when a email has a good subject line or a few good hooks in the body. If you start doing this you will always have good ideas for creating your own email marketing campaigns. Don’t underestimate this tip because it is an easy way to increase the Effectiveness Of Email Marketing.

Good Ways To Position A Product

First off why sell your own product and not just sell affiliate products?

Affiliate marketing is big business but it comes secondary to building your list and selling your products (sell YOUR products for 100% commission.) That’s right. If you sell your own products you will instantly increase your net income!

The biggest competitive advantage is to give away what others are selling.

If someone else is selling something for $997 and you sell it for $97 do you think that you would have an advantage? Money is made in the back end, selling a full line of products, so get people in the door with a charming offer.

Here’s one of the best real internet business tips for creating offers. Use one dollar offers and make your money on the back end with continuity programs and OTOs. Sell great value for $1 and then up sell into continuity or high ticket products (or both!)

Portions donated to charity (charity angle).

Giving a portion of your profits to charity is a great way to position a product. It allows you to give people a reason to act and overall it is a good hook for your product.

But a quick word on customer service and goodwill.

Treat Your Customer Right

Don’t worry about the one time sale of a customer if it is going to upset your customer – focus on creating goodwill and the lifetime value of the customer.

If an average customer spends $1,000 with your business does it make sense to try to sell them too much in the wrong way (for example having 10 one time offers) if it will will ruin their faith in your business? The goal is to create raving fan customers who buy everything you put out so avoid short term thinking.

About One Time Offers

A general rule of thumb is to use no more than 3 one time offers. Why?

Imagine that you just bought a product for $1 (and the $1 goes to a charity) then you have to go through a seemingly endless barrage of offers. By the time you get to the download page you are probably going to be mad. The experience destroys the lifetime value of the customer and will hurt you in the long turn. It is short term thinking that kills your overall bottom line.

Make your OTO price relative to your front end price.

If you are selling a low ticket item it is going to be hard to sell a higher ticket item with a one time offer. So try to keep your oto price relative to the front end sale.

Simply put if someone buys something for $27 you will have a much easier time selling them something for $147 than $3497.

Try downselling high end physical products digital versions.

If you sell a high end $997 physical product as an oto it is a good idea to down sell to a physical version for approximately half the price if the lead doesn’t buy. You have already established extreme value so it is a good idea to strike while the iron is hot.

Try continuity as a one time offer.

Give away a FREE Cd as a oto with continuity attached. Many people will enjoy getting something for free and you can have a lot of new people sign up for reoccurring billing.

But a quick thing to note about continuity offers.  The clearer you are with forced continuity the lower your conversions. I’m not telling you to hide your reoccurring billing, that is not one of the best real internet business tips, but I am simply stating that the clearer you are about reoccurring billing the less conversions you will have.

So I hope you have enjoyed these real internet business tips and my internet business guide. Go ahead and apply these steps to your internet business today and start making more money online.

If you want to know more about making money online go ahead and click on my link that tells you the Best Internet Business to Start.

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