Posted by: michelewilliamson | December 23, 2011

Unexpected Craigslist Twists

#1- I learned on how to use toll free 800 numbers in my biz. And how to merge it
with craigslist. (Tip: I learned it from a $300 course I bought on classified
advertising several years ago). Well, I ended up spending the first 25-inspired
minutes of the training unpacking my secret 800 number strategy.

People. Were. Blown. Away. (Nobody knows I didn’t actually start having
success on the internet, it actually was with classified ads…now I
showed, for the first time, how we are merging that old strategy with craigslist
for stellar results…think about it, craigslist is just a digital classified ad frenzy…
that’s why it works).

That really set the tone for high content/high energy training.

But then, it got better:

#2- Brenda Gagne (our guest Craigslist guru) started revealing her EXACT
ads and how they are radically different from what the masses are doing
on craigslist. Here was the unexpected part: she started showing examples
of what other people commonly do on craigslist, and these people are so
lost, that I ended up laughing the hardest I have ever laughed before, when Brenda
started showing how most people market on Craigslist. Dang, you just gotta
see it to believe it. I guarantee you’ll at least giggle.

#3- But then, Brenda took us through her funnel verbatim. Showed us the magic of
how to:

*engage “curiosity marketing” INSTEAD of “attraction marketing”

*sell the “next step” like a magician

*lead people to the “deeper level of optin” (Tip: this is one of the literal golden
strategies I teach my team. Your marketing will never be the same after you
discover this strategy).

*see why Brenda barely ever has to pick up the phone, and when she does,
the prospect is fully-informed and ready to buy. (Hint: she’s making thousands
of dollars using this strategy to recruit distributors into a multi-thousand dollar
purchase…off little old neglected craigslist!”).

*this “Craigslist $ecrets” training is going to open up an entirely new (& zero-cost)
method of marketing that will bring you 5 to 10 leads per day…guaranteed. But even
more important than leads…you will know how to guide someone through the natural
path of curiosity until they naturally pull out their credit card and buy your stuff.


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