Posted by: michelewilliamson | January 6, 2012

3 Great New Year’s Resolutions








I like new year’s resolutions. Here are few that
I think are worthy to maybe add to your list:

#1Be more profitable. Sounds typical, but I realized
something very powerful the other day. I was chatting
with a guru who is doing an upcoming launch that I
will be a part of and he said he was going to cover
“productivity” & “profit”.

And he asked me which subject I’d like to contribute to.
I said, “Well, I’m kind of a procrastinator. Days will go
bye and I accomplish nothing. I get stuck on ideas. I
surf the web like a loser for hours at a time. So productivity
is probably not my deal.”

Then I added, “But, I do know what butters my bread. I know
how to make the most amount of profit with the least amount
of work…and that’s my secret.”

I continue, “I realized that I was so inefficient that I had to
have products that gave me a lot of profit to compensate for
my procrastination. So I better cover profit.”

He said, “Perfect.”

My point? Make it a goal to position yourself for profit to
overcome any procrastination issues you may have.

#2– Do whatever is possible to get “next level” thinking
and strategies. Again, typical but rarely followed.

My point? I realized judging myself against my old standards
and lifestyle wasn’t really serving me. So I attached to mentors
who earned heaps more than me. They thought deeper than me.

The result? They pulled me up. THEIR collective nature overpowered
the personal negative gravity of my own mind.

Lesson? Make this year a kind of metamorphosis for yourself.
If you struggle. If you feel weak. If you have lack and desperate thoughts.
Connect with people who won’t buy your b.s. anymore. People
with the standards you want for your ideal future. People who don’t
tolerate or sympathize with your excuses for not achieving. This single
lesson has changed my life as much as anything else.

#3Earn while you learn. Get messy. Build your business in spite
of your own imperfections, your own imperfect “funnel”, your
own health issues. Again, typical advice almost never followed.

To this day, I have so much stuff that is imperfect. I have put together
sales funnels that I knew were just “okay”,I have teammates
who are still waiting for better marketing.
I am still waiting on myself for better leadership. Better marketing. Better
videos. Everything.

But, I decided I would “earn while I learn“… The fun has just began.


#1- Be more profitable.
#2- Commit to the next level of thinking
#3- Get dirty


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