Posted by: michelewilliamson | January 6, 2012

Get Rich Dad’s Choose to Be Rich – for free!

What are you doing right now to further

your financial education and take advantage

of this current economy?

I wanted to put a bug in your ear that you

can grab Rich Dad PowerPack absolutely free.

I’m NOT an affiliate, I’m NOT making any money

from sharing this.  I have them myself and saw

an opportunity to pay it forward and tell you

about it.  They are FREE toYOU. 🙂

These are some of Rich Dad’s most powerful

teaching tools that they are making available to


Get “Choose to Be Rich” for Free.   Included in the

collection of valuable products is Rich Dad’s “You Can

Choose to Be Rich home study course” that helps you

Think it, Learn it, and then Do it as you find out what

the rich do that the poor and middle class do not.

Thousands of copies of this popular course have

been sold for $220, but the online version has been

updated and is available at no cost to you!

Simply register today for free on the Rich Dad World

website, and then access your Choose to Be Rich

product by going to the “Programs” section on the left

side menu.

The course is divided into 3 powerful sections and

includes more than 13 different lessons that are designed

to increase your financial literacy and help you take

your investing to the next level whether you are

interested in real estate, building a business or investing

in stocks, bonds, options or commodities.

Simply visit the Rich Dad World site and register

for free access.  You can register and get access

to them here: CLICK HERE

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