Posted by: michelewilliamson | January 8, 2012

The Unified Tribe

The Unified Tribe is Michele’s personal
community and coaching program.

As a member, you get ongoing access to:

  • Live training webinars on mastering social media marketing, blogging, and building a highly successful online brand.
  • A revolutionary content syndication community where you will get free, viral, and automated traffic to your blog from our members helping promote your content FOR you.  We are here to help YOU get as much exposure and create as much success as possible.
  • Live Q&A webinars, mastermind webinars, and an entire video training library for you to access at anytime that’s convenient for you.
  • Our private social community and forum where you can network and build relationships with hundreds of other motivated and successful social media marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • A blogging fast start guide, bonus webinars, and my personal ‘Marketing Masters’ interview series…
  • Plus much more…

To get more details and to get your free download of my 46 page “Social Media Wealth Manifesto”, head over to

Hope to see you in our community soon!

Michele Williamson
Online Business & Marketing Coach
Office: 417-464-8774
Blog: Online Success with Michele
Website: Free Marketing Tools

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Contact me: Skype michelewilliamson

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