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Empower Network Blog: “Can I Really Make Money Blogging?”

The Empower Network Blog

So here’s the question; “Can I really make money blogging?”

The answer is YES!

There are bloggers all over the world who make money blogging.  Some make a little, some make a lot and then there’s everyone in between.

What I really want to address in this post however, is the Empower Network Blog specifically.  I want to answer the question, “Can I really make money blogging using the Empower Network Blog?” There are a couple variations on how to make money using your Empower Network blog.


There are a couple variations on how to make money using your Empower Network blog.

First you need to understand that blogging is a long term marketing strategy and when done properly over time, you will begin to see traffic, leads and sales come in as a result of your efforts.  One doesn’t start blogging and then expect success and sales from it overnight…or even in 30 days… maybe not even for 6 months.

Blogging is creating content and putting it out there for the world to find.  More specifically, people who are in need of solutions and information that your topic is based around.

How Blogging Works:  What happens is your content (what you’re blogging about) will start to rank in the search engines (meaning show up on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and people will click to read what you have to say.  When they click on the link, they will be taken to your Empower network blog where a couple of things may happen.

Possibility A:  Your reader buys what it is they were looking for when they searched because it solved their problem.  You just made money on your product.  So let’s say you wrote a blog post on the ipad and your prospect liked hat you had to say.  In your blog post you linked them over to your Amazon affiliate site and they bought.  You made money.

Does it have to be an Amazon product?  No, of course not.  It was just an example.  Think of all the products and services you offer to individual to build their businesses.

Your blog content may even be just an interesting article and you have nothing to sell.  These are called traffic blog posts and are created for the purpose of generating traffic by the masses to your blog.  Your advertising catches their eye while they’re there reading your content and perhaps wants to make money blogging also so they join Empower Network.

Possibility B:  Your reader doesn’t buy what you’re selling but the header and sidebar of the Empower Network caught they eye and yes.. they want to make money too, to they sign up through your Empower Network link and your EN business grows.

Possibility C: 
Both of those happen.  It’s possible that your reader will buy what you’re offering in your content and also buy an Empower Network membership.

Possibility D:  Neither of those happen.  It’s possible that your reader will finish the content article and leave and that’s the end of that.
Make Money Through Affiliate Sales:  By using the Empower Network blog product, you are entitled to refer it to others as an affiliate product and you will receive $25 per month per active blog member deposited directly into your bank account each month.


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The Unified Tribe

The Unified Tribe is Michele’s personal
community and coaching program.

As a member, you get ongoing access to:

  • Live training webinars on mastering social media marketing, blogging, and building a highly successful online brand.
  • A revolutionary content syndication community where you will get free, viral, and automated traffic to your blog from our members helping promote your content FOR you.  We are here to help YOU get as much exposure and create as much success as possible.
  • Live Q&A webinars, mastermind webinars, and an entire video training library for you to access at anytime that’s convenient for you.
  • Our private social community and forum where you can network and build relationships with hundreds of other motivated and successful social media marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • A blogging fast start guide, bonus webinars, and my personal ‘Marketing Masters’ interview series…
  • Plus much more…

To get more details and to get your free download of my 46 page “Social Media Wealth Manifesto”, head over to

Hope to see you in our community soon!

Michele Williamson
Online Business & Marketing Coach
Office: 417-464-8774
Blog: Online Success with Michele
Website: Free Marketing Tools

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How to Successfully Recover a Disabled Gmail Account

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Get Rich Dad’s Choose to Be Rich – for free!

What are you doing right now to further

your financial education and take advantage

of this current economy?

I wanted to put a bug in your ear that you

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Thousands of copies of this popular course have

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Simply register today for free on the Rich Dad World

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your investing to the next level whether you are

interested in real estate, building a business or investing

in stocks, bonds, options or commodities.

Simply visit the Rich Dad World site and register

for free access.  You can register and get access

to them here: CLICK HERE

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3 Great New Year’s Resolutions








I like new year’s resolutions. Here are few that
I think are worthy to maybe add to your list:

#1Be more profitable. Sounds typical, but I realized
something very powerful the other day. I was chatting
with a guru who is doing an upcoming launch that I
will be a part of and he said he was going to cover
“productivity” & “profit”.

And he asked me which subject I’d like to contribute to.
I said, “Well, I’m kind of a procrastinator. Days will go
bye and I accomplish nothing. I get stuck on ideas. I
surf the web like a loser for hours at a time. So productivity
is probably not my deal.”

Then I added, “But, I do know what butters my bread. I know
how to make the most amount of profit with the least amount
of work…and that’s my secret.”

I continue, “I realized that I was so inefficient that I had to
have products that gave me a lot of profit to compensate for
my procrastination. So I better cover profit.”

He said, “Perfect.”

My point? Make it a goal to position yourself for profit to
overcome any procrastination issues you may have.

#2– Do whatever is possible to get “next level” thinking
and strategies. Again, typical but rarely followed.

My point? I realized judging myself against my old standards
and lifestyle wasn’t really serving me. So I attached to mentors
who earned heaps more than me. They thought deeper than me.

The result? They pulled me up. THEIR collective nature overpowered
the personal negative gravity of my own mind.

Lesson? Make this year a kind of metamorphosis for yourself.
If you struggle. If you feel weak. If you have lack and desperate thoughts.
Connect with people who won’t buy your b.s. anymore. People
with the standards you want for your ideal future. People who don’t
tolerate or sympathize with your excuses for not achieving. This single
lesson has changed my life as much as anything else.

#3Earn while you learn. Get messy. Build your business in spite
of your own imperfections, your own imperfect “funnel”, your
own health issues. Again, typical advice almost never followed.

To this day, I have so much stuff that is imperfect. I have put together
sales funnels that I knew were just “okay”,I have teammates
who are still waiting for better marketing.
I am still waiting on myself for better leadership. Better marketing. Better
videos. Everything.

But, I decided I would “earn while I learn“… The fun has just began.


#1- Be more profitable.
#2- Commit to the next level of thinking
#3- Get dirty


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How To Double Your Income In 2012 In 3 Easy Steps




Ask anyone their thoughts on how to double, triple, or even quadruple your income in the New Year and you’d surely find answers like: “get more leads” or “create new products and services” or “sell more.”

All correct answers by the way. But why are so few able to simply do these things year after year? Why will this time next year, for many, look and feel almost identical to the way it looks at the end of this year, with very little income change?

The answer may surprise you. And it’s the reason so few accomplish what they set out to when a New Year begins. It’s the reason so many get derailed from their New Year resolutions or their New Year goals, usually within only a few short weeks. It’s THE reason so many business fail, so fast.

The answer is: “Distraction.”

It’s the silent business killer. Like cancer in the body, Distraction slowly, quietly creeps up on us, day in and day out, and ever so discreetly takes us further and further away from what’s really important. And to make matters worse, we are now in the “Distraction Age” with more connected technology and gadgets than EVER before to take our eye off the ball. But only if you let it. Like cancer, Distraction can be prevented and fought. But only by the proactive…

So how does one proactively fight Distraction?

Today, as we near the end of 2011, I’ll give your three powerful tips to do it so you can put yourself in a position to double, even triple your income in 2012:

1) Make a list of all the devices you use throughout the day that are “turned on” and able to interrupt you from your “revenue producing” work. Ex: cell phone, email, instant message, facebook, etc. Just write down what is “turned on” throughout your day. Do this right now before going to #2. I’ll wait right here.

2) Choose one to two “one hour” blocks of time throughout your day where you turn ALL of it off. OFF. Maybe an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Maybe only for an hour in the morning to start. But OFF. Now work, really work and focus on “one thing” during this block of time (or two) where all Distractions are silenced from your personal productivity space. One hour only, then you can go crazy and turn it all back on again. You’re off the hook.

Now, for the difficult accountability part that most will never do (which is why most will be no further ahead next year), track this daily “in writing.” Grab a journal. I call it a Personal Productivity Journal. At the end of each day, write down your results. Did you block out the time(s) today to work Distraction Free? If yes, write it in, if no, write it in. Now check your results at the end of the week. How did you do?

The big question is…

Would YOU want to work for you? Or should you fire yourself? The answer is right in front of you. Anyone who can’t discipline themselves to work Distraction Free for only one to two hours “per day” is in trouble. However, those who will, benefit BIG and eventually build off this and work Distraction Free for even more than one or two hours each day. Just so you know, those are the top 2% of income earners in the world.

IF you’re tough enough to do this, and track it, you will double (maybe even triple) your weekly productivity which, very often, translates to an equal increase in cash flow.

Happy New Year…

– Andrew J. Cass

A seven-figure producer in two separate Direct Sales businesses before the age of 35, Andrew J. Cass is now the Network Marketing industry’s premier Productivity & Sales Performance Expert. To find out how to get more done in less time while making more cash, get his breakthrough FREE report: “Extreme Productivity Secrets – How To Conquer Overwhelm And Boost Productivity For Maximum Profits In Your Network Marketing Business” by visiting: CLICK HERE

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Real Internet Business Tips

Here’s How To Make Quick Cash

Without a doubt the formula for cash online is to build your list and sell your products. Think about it. Two things that all successful people do is that they have a list and they sell big ticket products ($997 and up).

Then they take their whole sales system and make it better through tweeking the process for increased success. That’s a birds eye view. Let’s jump into some step by step.

Choose A Niche – Here’s Top Niches To Go After

The first step is to determine what market you will go into. Here is some info on the top markets. Choose a billion dollar niche to take advantage of these real internet business tips.

But make sure to do your Internet Niche Marketing Research first!
Travel – This is a great niche because there are always going to be people vacationing while enjoying making money online.
Weight loss– This is a great niche because there are always going to be people actively searching for fitness and weight loss ideas.
Network Marketing (not joining a MLM – Selling info to network marketers)- Network marketers are conditioned to constantly improve themselves. They are natural consumers.
Wealth Building– Everyone wants to know how to build more wealth. Can you teach others how to think like a millionaire?
Internet Marketing– This niche is where you will see many people selling a lot of things to other people who want to make money online. Which will you be? The person who marketer or the marketed to?

After you choose niche you want to focus on the next, yet extremely important step – List Building…

First Things First – Build Your List

Always put a major focus on list building. The first step is to set up a squeeze page.

Don’t forget – once you have a list you can grow it exponentially. Just Build Your List With Adswaps.

After you are building your list you want to start making some money. You can do traditional affiliate marketing or you can increase your profits by selling your own products. Why is that one of the best real internet business tips? It’s The Real Way To Make Money Online!

How To Get Ideas For Products

The easiest way to get ideas for products is to simply model yourself after what others are doing. The truth is if someone else is selling it there is a market for it!

On the other hand if no one is attacking a certain market it is typically because there is no profitable market. But wouldn’t it be a good idea to hold on to good ideas you find for future promotions? That’s why it is…

A great idea – create a swipe file.

When you find a sales page or website promotion that you find appealing use the “Save As” feature in your browser to save it to your computer. You can create a folder and save all of your web pages there. This will give you a quick reference stock of great copy and ideas. This also helps for when you are looking at Increasing Your Sales Conversion Rate because you can model after what others do.

Save interesting email promotions in your email client.

Many web based email clients allow you to create a folder and save emails to it. I suggest you start doing this when a email has a good subject line or a few good hooks in the body. If you start doing this you will always have good ideas for creating your own email marketing campaigns. Don’t underestimate this tip because it is an easy way to increase the Effectiveness Of Email Marketing.

Good Ways To Position A Product

First off why sell your own product and not just sell affiliate products?

Affiliate marketing is big business but it comes secondary to building your list and selling your products (sell YOUR products for 100% commission.) That’s right. If you sell your own products you will instantly increase your net income!

The biggest competitive advantage is to give away what others are selling.

If someone else is selling something for $997 and you sell it for $97 do you think that you would have an advantage? Money is made in the back end, selling a full line of products, so get people in the door with a charming offer.

Here’s one of the best real internet business tips for creating offers. Use one dollar offers and make your money on the back end with continuity programs and OTOs. Sell great value for $1 and then up sell into continuity or high ticket products (or both!)

Portions donated to charity (charity angle).

Giving a portion of your profits to charity is a great way to position a product. It allows you to give people a reason to act and overall it is a good hook for your product.

But a quick word on customer service and goodwill.

Treat Your Customer Right

Don’t worry about the one time sale of a customer if it is going to upset your customer – focus on creating goodwill and the lifetime value of the customer.

If an average customer spends $1,000 with your business does it make sense to try to sell them too much in the wrong way (for example having 10 one time offers) if it will will ruin their faith in your business? The goal is to create raving fan customers who buy everything you put out so avoid short term thinking.

About One Time Offers

A general rule of thumb is to use no more than 3 one time offers. Why?

Imagine that you just bought a product for $1 (and the $1 goes to a charity) then you have to go through a seemingly endless barrage of offers. By the time you get to the download page you are probably going to be mad. The experience destroys the lifetime value of the customer and will hurt you in the long turn. It is short term thinking that kills your overall bottom line.

Make your OTO price relative to your front end price.

If you are selling a low ticket item it is going to be hard to sell a higher ticket item with a one time offer. So try to keep your oto price relative to the front end sale.

Simply put if someone buys something for $27 you will have a much easier time selling them something for $147 than $3497.

Try downselling high end physical products digital versions.

If you sell a high end $997 physical product as an oto it is a good idea to down sell to a physical version for approximately half the price if the lead doesn’t buy. You have already established extreme value so it is a good idea to strike while the iron is hot.

Try continuity as a one time offer.

Give away a FREE Cd as a oto with continuity attached. Many people will enjoy getting something for free and you can have a lot of new people sign up for reoccurring billing.

But a quick thing to note about continuity offers.  The clearer you are with forced continuity the lower your conversions. I’m not telling you to hide your reoccurring billing, that is not one of the best real internet business tips, but I am simply stating that the clearer you are about reoccurring billing the less conversions you will have.

So I hope you have enjoyed these real internet business tips and my internet business guide. Go ahead and apply these steps to your internet business today and start making more money online.

If you want to know more about making money online go ahead and click on my link that tells you the Best Internet Business to Start.

Click Here

Michele WilliamsonOnline Business & Marketing CoachOffice: 417-464-8774 Blog: Online Success with MicheleWebsite: Free Marketing Tools

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Unexpected Craigslist Twists

#1- I learned on how to use toll free 800 numbers in my biz. And how to merge it
with craigslist. (Tip: I learned it from a $300 course I bought on classified
advertising several years ago). Well, I ended up spending the first 25-inspired
minutes of the training unpacking my secret 800 number strategy.

People. Were. Blown. Away. (Nobody knows I didn’t actually start having
success on the internet, it actually was with classified ads…now I
showed, for the first time, how we are merging that old strategy with craigslist
for stellar results…think about it, craigslist is just a digital classified ad frenzy…
that’s why it works).

That really set the tone for high content/high energy training.

But then, it got better:

#2- Brenda Gagne (our guest Craigslist guru) started revealing her EXACT
ads and how they are radically different from what the masses are doing
on craigslist. Here was the unexpected part: she started showing examples
of what other people commonly do on craigslist, and these people are so
lost, that I ended up laughing the hardest I have ever laughed before, when Brenda
started showing how most people market on Craigslist. Dang, you just gotta
see it to believe it. I guarantee you’ll at least giggle.

#3- But then, Brenda took us through her funnel verbatim. Showed us the magic of
how to:

*engage “curiosity marketing” INSTEAD of “attraction marketing”

*sell the “next step” like a magician

*lead people to the “deeper level of optin” (Tip: this is one of the literal golden
strategies I teach my team. Your marketing will never be the same after you
discover this strategy).

*see why Brenda barely ever has to pick up the phone, and when she does,
the prospect is fully-informed and ready to buy. (Hint: she’s making thousands
of dollars using this strategy to recruit distributors into a multi-thousand dollar
purchase…off little old neglected craigslist!”).

*this “Craigslist $ecrets” training is going to open up an entirely new (& zero-cost)
method of marketing that will bring you 5 to 10 leads per day…guaranteed. But even
more important than leads…you will know how to guide someone through the natural
path of curiosity until they naturally pull out their credit card and buy your stuff.


Michele Williamson
Online Business & Marketing Coach
Office: 417-464-8774
Blog: Online Success with Michele
Website: Free Marketing Tools

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How would you like to sponsor 84 people in 48 hrs?

My jaw dropped when my friend and mentor contacted me one day
and told me about how he sponsored 84 new distributors into his
primary business in just 48 hrs.

Can you even imagine something like that?

Well, you know, if you look at your business from the old
perspective…friends & family, prospecting, networking and
cold calling…yes…it might seem flat out impossible.

BUT…when you realize the incredible POWER and LEVERAGE of the
INTERNET and of building your very OWN LIST of prospects…

…the reality of exploding your business like that starts to
become feasible.

Understand… Network Marketing is still, and always will be, a
business of RELATIONSHIPS.

The more relationships you can create, the bigger you can build
your network, the more leverage you have to build your business.

As you build your list, you are making new

You must now foster and nurture these relationships. Its your job
now to build trust with your prospects and position yourself as
the leader you truly are.

You see, this individual who sponsored 84 people in 48 hrs
this is EXACTLY what he did.

For the last 18 months he focused on building his list.

He developed relationships with his list by providing value and
communicating on a regular basis.

After 18 months he had a built a solid list, a network of well
over 10,000 people.

Just a few months ago, he was introduced to a new opportunity,
a new company that is set to create a major stir in the industry.

So what does he do?

He seizes the opportunity.

He sends one email to his network of 10,000 prospects that he
spent the last 18 months building and developing.

He invites them to one conference call.

And he signs up 84 new distributors in just 48 hrs.

Impressive? Sure.

Magic? Not really.

Just a simple game plan. A solid business building strategy that
makes him a Top Producer and true leader and mentor in this industry.

Do you have what it takes to do the same thing?

Of course you do.

The strategy and training we teach here is the EXACT strategy and
training that this guy uses.  In fact, its the EXACT strategy ALL
top earners use.

Its simple really. You just have to stick to the game plan.
Remain consistent and keep your eyes on that prize.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can get leads for your business.

Michele Williamson
Online Business & Marketing Coach
Office: 417-464-8774
Blog: Online Success with Michele
Website: Free Marketing Tools

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WordPress My latest post:Real Internet Business TipsHere’s How To Make Quick Cash Without a doubt the formula for cash online is to build your …

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Latest post: Holiday Bargains… — If you missed any part of this webinar, this is your chance to see the whole thing or just watch what you missed. …
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In 36 Months

Read More…

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